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This trip was the funniest trip in my life. My first with my frens. One day we were playing cricket and suddenly someone mentioned going to Manakamana. Kiree was like 'ya we gotta go too.' Then we started talking and I was like 'ya lets go today'. Some one said 'if we go now, we can catch the last bus'. There was the plan. We went to our house Kiree and Dipesh told my parents thet they were going with the authorization of their parents and we did the same at eachother's house.
The funniest thing is my uncle told us that we cant go at the time coz by the time we reach the place it will be the midnight.
Actually by the time we reached Munglin, it was just past midnight and our destination was kinda an hour from there!!! So spent hours at Munglin watching the plastic bags being blown up in the air by the wind!!!(da!!!)
Since this was my first trip I couldn't walk and I was so tired man, I created a lot of trouble. We started at 5:00 a.m and the only person with a torch was me!! Thru the forest we went and we were trying to cross a big river and we found out that the bridge we were tryin to use was broken.........!!.... and the guy showed us the right way. Actually that was the MOM's DAY and we assumed MANAKAMANA MAI to be our mom that day!!
That was npt enough,then we started planning to go to Pokhara and we did go there! We went to different caves, and we had a lot of fun. By the way on our way to Manakamana,there was a lady with a little baby in her arms and she ws standing coz she couldn,t find a seat in hte bus. I asked her where she was going and she said someplace I don't remember now but was like three hours from there!!! STANDING??? WITH A BABY??? WAS SHE CRAZY???
But then I offered her my seat and she was refusing at first but finally she accepted the offer.And here I was sitting on the floor of the bus for three hours! But hey who cares a little trouble ofr the sake of humanity!